6 Top Android Wear Games to make gaming fun

Most of us are aware that there are certain watches which you can connect to your Android Smartphone and operate your smartphone with the watch. Almost three years ago, Google announced the concept of “Android wear” and pronounced Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC and Asus as their comrades.

Android wear is an Android operating system developed by Google in March 2014. Since its release, it has created a buzz around a particular market for a short time. The idea was to ease the life a little bit by giving control right on your wrists. Android wear works on Android 4.3 or higher and iOS version 8.2 or higher. The product is multilingual and touchscreen including many other features such as commands of direction, controlling your android through your watch, Controlling music, browsing images, videos and such.

Along with the features such as controlling music, browsing images and videos, Android wear also allows you to detach the boredom by letting you play Games. The screen may look smaller but the games are conversely entertaining. The games may not be much graphical but they are the classic ones. Here’s a list of games that you might enjoy playing on your android wear:-

  1. Marshmallow Rush

Marshmallow rush is based on the hidden Easter egg game which you can find in your Android – Lollipop version. In this game, you need to keep tapping the screen to jounce the Droid and maintain its balance, thus preventing the Droid to hit one of those lollipop shaped hurdles. The game is simple yet classic and its extreme difficulty will make you try repeatedly.

  1. Ladder Rush

In this game you’ll need to help a boy reach a target by climbing several ladders planted strangely in his ways. By tapping or swiping the screen left and right, help the boy reach his target along-with collecting the coins in between. Once your life has gone, you can be revived and get another life back at the cost of hundred coins.

  1. Repulsion

Repulsion is a simple yet fast-paced game to prove your timing and reflexes. This game, like other games, is pretty simple to understand but tough to play. The frustrating tasks and challenges will challenge you to try your very best. You have to put your finger on the object with either the plus or minus sign. Once you choose the sign you have to follow the path without letting it touch other objects.

  1. Papercraft

Fourth on the list is Papercraft. In this game, play as a little paper shaped triangle as you will meet several bad paper boys (literally) on the way and you have to shoot them to go ahead. This game lets you keep track of your scores with the help of Google Play Games.

  1. Minecraft Jumper

The graphics may look odd but it is yet another fun and entertaining game where you’re a boy sitting in a mine cart as cart keeps going on a railway track in a forest. Numerous Obstacles such as gravestones and skeletons will come in your way as you have to pass them to keep on going ahead.

  1. Math it!

No matter how much you hate Math, this game is still fun. Math it! Is a puzzle genre game which pumps up your brain as you have to do the calculations in the matter of moments to solve various equations. As you keep on scoring, the equations keep on getting harder.