SnapTube Video Downloader, Just In Seconds



SnapTube is a total package for video lovers. It offers various options like downloading videos from different websites into seconds, recommendation of latest videos & exploring YouTube videos in your favorite category.

We all know that video downloading can be a big pain. Of course there are different sites that help you in this process but, either by paying money or through online downloading that carries viruses along.

SnapTube is a safe & secure website that gives you chance to download video for free. Users can convert MP4 to Mp3 and download big movie files in minutes.

SnapTube kick started in november, 2014. Though it is still not with every individual’s, people who have used it, have great reviews. You can read them –


“…easier and easier to get videos and music from YouTube in your Android phone.”

 – Pro Android


“SnapTube has a very smooth experience, you can download your videos without going through a complex method. The application is self explanatory so you don’t really need to learn anything about this application to download the videos.”

 – Techbeasts



“SnapTube enables us automatically converts videos and songs to MP3 if you only want the audio.”

 – Applications Android


These were just few reviews, SnapTube is running successfully all over the world. Its official website includes reviews from various countries, but I am sure you can’t understand all of them, obviously, that is why I didn’t include them !

In this article I will be telling you different features of SnapTube, that will help you to decide whether to try it or not as well as I will include different steps to download the app in few minutes. So let us start with the exciting journey!

So let’s talk about some of the exclusive features provided by SnapTube :-

  1. Download in Multiple resolution

MP4 Video are available in different resolutions :  from 144 pixels to High – Definition 2048 – 1080 pixels. Users can download any kind of videos from any registered website like YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo etc.

  1. Direct Mp3 downloads

SnapTube also acts as an converter. It can very easily convert a MP4 file or video into Mp3 file. Users don’t need to download an extra software or USB Plugin. I love this feature of SnapTube, it reduces 50% of my work.

  1. Search videos with Keywords

Users can search any video using its keywords. I am sure we all know that how difficult it is to find the exact video that we want to see be it on Google or YouTube.

  1. Discover New videos

Explore new videos in your favorite category like music and movies. Users can also discover videos recommended from their curators.

  1. Manage video downloads

This is an outstanding feature where users can manage their video’s by deleting the unwanted ones. Keeping the downloading process on pause, cancel or resume the process whenever you want. Isn’t that helpful !

  1. Clean & Safe

It has a clean material design and downloading with full protection. Never lets virus eat your device. Whatever it is PC or your Smartphone.

  1. No Advertisements, No Popup’s – Seriously this is true !

You heard it right. SnapTube is against Popup’s and advertisements. Whatsoever, there will be no Ad’s and popup’s coming on your screen while downloading or watching the video on SnapTube.

SnapTube supports few sites where users can download their favorite video’s from –

Download SnapTube in your PC’s, iPhone, Windows or Android – without any extra effort

Honestly, downloading videos or converting them to Mp3 is a huge task. Believe me sometimes I feel technically  challenged !

Whenever I try to download a video, either a virus carries along with or it shows a beautiful dialogue box saying “this file cannot be downloaded”!

But SnapChat has this extra feature in which I can download video’s on PC or on my Smartphone be it iPhone, Android or Windows.

I’ll give you some painless and simple steps to download SnapTube in your devices one by one, and for that you have to read further :-


  1. SnapTube for Android – Steps to download

Though, SnapTube is mainly designed for Android devices, right now it is not available on the Google play store. But we have to download the APK fIle from the official link.


Click here to download SnapTube APK Android Free :


Step 1 : Click on the official link provided above, the APK file will start downloading directly.

Step 2 : As it is an APK file, so you have to shift it to your android device. Therefore, go the setting option and click “Unknown sources”

Step 3 : Tap the APK file to start the downloading process.

Step 4 : Just click on the file to start the installation method

Step 5 : Users will be asked for some special permission, just click on “Next” and “Install”.

Congrats ! you are done with downloading process. Now you can enjoy your downloading journey…


  1. SnapTube for PC or Computer – Few steps and you are done


Before starting with the process, let’s clear out 2 main requirements i.e. your PC or Computer should have 4GB RAM and an upgraded HD standard graphic driver. Without them it would be difficult to download SnapTube.

Once you are done with your checking of the requirements, follow these simple steps and you will be ready to use SnapTube.


Step 1 : Download Bluestacks app player from the official website for free. Be aware do not download it from any other website.

Step 2 : Start the downloading process right away by double clicking on “Installer file”. Remember this process requires Internet connection.

Step3 : “Run” the software for once. Then, set up the initial settings.

Step 4 : Go on the “Search tool” and type “SnapTube”. It might not be there, but follow the link below.

Step 5 : Login through your Google account. Then, Launch the default browser in Bluestack and find “SnapTube APK”.

Step 6 : Click on the official URL of SnapTube and download the app in your PC or computer. Follow the onscreen instruction to install the file.


The process is done, I know it will take some time, but after this just kick start the file and search any video you want !!


  1. SnapTube for iPhone and Windows


SnapTube is still not available for iPhone and Windows. I will surely update the changes.




Though the app provides you with unlimited video downloading, HD videos and integrated site browsing, there are a very few full movie resources and the music page feels quite laggy. They have to do something about it.

If you are video and movie lover, then this app is the right place to step on.

I hope I have provided you with all the important information regarding SnapTube, for any question or suggestion please let me know through your comments below. Thank you !