How to search your friend on KIK

kik online logins

How does it feel when you just suddenly remember an old pal’s name, and you just have to talk to him/her no matter what, but your social network isn’t exactly co-operating!

And ofcourse it’s no use blaming them, most social networks have users counting in Millions! So yeah they can’t be blamed if you can’t find someone, right?

kik online logins

Well don’t worry, what this piece is about is How to Search for Someone on Kik Messenger! So yeah if you have Kik, and if you pal has Kik Online too, but you don’t know where you pal exactly is or how to get in touch with him, keep reading!

Well as far as kik is concerned, the accounts over there are managed via Usernames. So it’s not mandatory that everyone will be having their real names as their usernames, right? And that’s what makes it hard. (although it still can be used!)

So here’s how to find someone on Kik Messenger.

The easiest way to find someone over Kik?

If you are in contact with them on other social media, I’d say the best option is just to ring them and ask their Kik Usernames.

If not in contact, you still can search for their name, and if you’re lucky they might just have the same username as their name and you might find them.

While, Kik has other Advanced Options To Let you Find People Too:-

Address Book Matching:- This is my favorite method to find someone on Kik, because once I turn this on, all the people in my contact list, who got Kik installed, will receive a message  on their devices letting them know that I’m on Kik and I get found!

That can be turned on without a lot of fuss by just going to Settings> Chat settings > Address Book Matching.

Searching for Users Using Usernames:-

There’s a neat option called “Kik Username” for you to use. So all you have to do is, tap on it and enter the name of the person you’re searching for.

Well the good news is, you don’t need to enter the whole username, just a part of it does the job too. While the bad news? Well, you’re going to get a lot of results if your search wasn’t exactly specific.

In either condition, you’re more then likely to find your guy!

So yeah that’s 3 different methods to find someone on Kik right here. If you still can’t find your guy, I’d say maybe they don’t want to be found! This piece helped? How about hitting the share button? Won’t cost you anything right?