Which is better, ShareIt or Xender ?


Today, the world is for the survival of the fittest. Therefore, only the best can last long in this society. Even the apps have  a huge platform of competition. ShareIt and Xender are having a tough competition between the two. The features and the services of both these apps are great and pretty similar. But here, the question arises that which is better. Some say ShareIt while others go with Xender. Here are few points which will help you compare the two apps.



ShareIt is a place where you can share anything, anytime and anywhere from one device to another. It is one of the most popular App. Since ShareIt is mainly an android app, it has been upgraded and made compatible for windows, iOS and mac. Experts say, it is 200 times better than normal Bluetooth. ShareIt shares its file at a speed of 20 M/s. It has been updated on 15th April 2016 and its current version is 3.5.78_ww. The Android version requires 2.2 and up. The upgraded version adds App lock. And the photo vault function need activation in the App.

Features of shareIt:

  • Can share all type of files.
  • It’s speed is equal to 200 times more than bluetooth
  • Support Android, Windows, iOS.
  • Cross platform transfer.
  • Wireless connection. It does not require USB or any PC software installation.
  • Friendly Design and beautiful interface.



Xender is also a sharing app. You can share photos, documents and even apps with the help of Xender. Xender has also been updated recently so that it becomes easy for the users to share stuff from different devices. Now xender come with specified format for different devices and different operating systems. Xender was updated on 12th April 2016 and its current version is 3.1.0329. Xender requires Android 2.3 and up. The updated Xender has a reduced package size. Now, it carries a multi-select and delete operation.

Features of Xender:

  • Sends and receives all types of files.
  • Size and nature of the file does not matter.
  • It is 200 times better than bluetooth.
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows PC/ mac.
  • Wireless connection. No USB or any PC installation is required.
  • Easy to use and share.

These apps are very helpful. You can share files, photos, videos, contacts and documents of any size. Try these Apps and enjoy sharing. Please inform if I skipped anything or any new point comes up.